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11 Feb 2015

The Blues are one of the five New Zealand franchises in the southern hemisphere’s Super Rugby competition. Now 15 years on, the competition is widely regarded as the finest provincial rugby competition in the world, embodying the flair of New Zealand, the ferocity of South Africa and the enterprise of Australia.

The Blues players are selected from a region spanning the tip of North Cape down to Papatoetoe in south Auckland, encompassing the Northland, North Harbour and Auckland Rugby Unions.

However, there are instances where players from outside these three unions are eligible to play for the Blues. Some are contracted directly while others may be picked up in what is known as the ‘draft’ system. These players can feature for one franchise in the Super Rugby competition but return to their unions for that year’s provincial competition.

More information can be found here:

Northland Rugby Football Union has produced 28 Blues players
North Harbour Rugby Football Union has produced 52 Blues players
Auckland Rugby Football Union has produced 123 Blues players